Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another WI

Hey there. Where have I been? I've been hiding, in shame. I had a gain last week and I wanted to crawl under a rock.

I have another weigh in and I am NOT looking forward to it. There is so much anxiety.

I am blogging from my iPod because the computer is soooo slow! Ugh!

Well, just wanted tinker everyone know I'm still here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silent Sunday - Not Really

Good morning.  Just sitting here, enjoying my cup of coffee while my kiddo and his friend sleep in this morning.  They had homecoming last night and then stayed up to play Black Ops.  I think they went to bed around 2 am.  As soon as they get up, I have promised a breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs and toast.

I've got a birthday coming up in less than a month.  I will be turning 38.  Oy!  Getting up there.  My goal was to lose 10 pounds in February, but after maintaining last week, it's not looking so hot.  A person my size should be losing weight every single week.  I started this journey at 316.8 pounds, my heaviest weight ever.  I am now down to 296.4.  I am grateful I am no longer in the 300's, but I am really hating the 290's.  I just want to get rid of this excess weight faster, but I know it takes time.

I think I am just beating myself up.  The squiggly line is going down on the charts and that is what I should be focused on.  Staying on track and disciplining myself is what needs to happen.

Okay, I hear the kiddos.  I just asked my son if he would be interested in going for a walk today.  The answer is yes!  Guess I am off to a good start.  Typing all of this out helps.  It's a not so silent Sunday, I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back To Normal

Good morning!  I am so glad this crazy week is behind me.  With the trip to Vegas, the no loss at weigh in, the crazy snacking I have been doing and the stress of my job, it's a miracle I haven't broken down yet.

I weighed in Wednesday with no gain, no loss.  I am getting extremely frustrated with the no loss, then a big loss, then a no loss with another big loss.  My WW leader says that it happens to her as well.  It's annoying because when I think I am having a great week and I am expecting to see a loss, it doesn't happen.  Why do our bodies have to be so difficult?

Anyway, it's junior homecoming for my kid and he is going with two of his guy friends.  I am taking them all to dinner and then dropping them off at the dance.  They are all juniors and none of them have a driver's license.  I told my kid he needs to get in gear!  Trucking him and his friends around is not what I plan on doing all next year.

I am looking forward to this next week.  It will be back to my normal routine.  I need to get some grocery shopping done as I am out of fresh fruit and veggies.  I live for fresh fruit and veggies.  Pears are on sale this week and they looked great when I passed them in the store yesterday.  I love their sweet grainy texture.

Off to read your blogs!  Catch you later!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Live From Las Vegas

I forgot how much walking you do here.  Thought I would update while I have a few free moments.  I got in about 6 miles of walking yesterday, earning 8 activity points.  I did eat at the Bellagio Buffet, but made some great choices.  I had all my points from the day since I only had a piece of toast for breakfast yesterday.  The food was delicious and the desserts were small, thank goodness!

I ate a ton of veggies (asparagus, spinach, broccoli).  I also had a small piece of fish, a handful of cocktail shrimp (no sauce), two mussels, scallop ceviche and 4 cheese ravioli.  For dessert, I had a very small piece of tiramisu and two bites of bread pudding.  I even had 5 points to spare!!

I am getting ready to head downstairs to grab a quick breakfast and some coffee.  Then it's back to work on the laptop before the convention.

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

I am heading to Vegas today for a work conference.  What's the best part about being in Vegas?  The food!!!  And let's not forget all of the walking I will be doing.  No worries!  I am tracking every morsel.

This week is going well.  I would love to see a 2 pound loss on Wednesday.  All the walking will definitely be helpful this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I will post a few pics when I get back.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Back

Yay!  I am back.  AND with great news!  I am down another 3.4 pounds!!!!  WooHoo!  I weighed in Wednesday and was shocked.  I figured from the stress and having to be out of town, it would have been another maintenance week or a gain.  But I stayed hydrated and ate pretty well while I was gone.

It feels good to blog again.  I have been so busy with work this week since I missed 4 days last week.  I am leaving for Las Vegas on Sunday and won't be back until Tuesday.  We have a convention to go to, so it should make for a pretty boring time.  I mean, who wants to be in Las Vegas during Valentine's Day!  Can you imagine all of the people flocking there to get married?  Yikes!

Anyway, I am off to read blogs because I have missed everyone so much!!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday WI

The scale gods were looking down upon me this morning!  I stayed even, which means no gain!  I almost started crying.  My WW leader said it was a good NSV since I have had so much stress and have had to be out of town all last week.  I will agree!

This makes the total loss for January only 6.8 pounds.  I am going to do my best to shed at least 10 pounds in February.  I am confident I can do it.

Just wanted to check in again.  Have a great week!