Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silent Sunday - Not Really

Good morning.  Just sitting here, enjoying my cup of coffee while my kiddo and his friend sleep in this morning.  They had homecoming last night and then stayed up to play Black Ops.  I think they went to bed around 2 am.  As soon as they get up, I have promised a breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs and toast.

I've got a birthday coming up in less than a month.  I will be turning 38.  Oy!  Getting up there.  My goal was to lose 10 pounds in February, but after maintaining last week, it's not looking so hot.  A person my size should be losing weight every single week.  I started this journey at 316.8 pounds, my heaviest weight ever.  I am now down to 296.4.  I am grateful I am no longer in the 300's, but I am really hating the 290's.  I just want to get rid of this excess weight faster, but I know it takes time.

I think I am just beating myself up.  The squiggly line is going down on the charts and that is what I should be focused on.  Staying on track and disciplining myself is what needs to happen.

Okay, I hear the kiddos.  I just asked my son if he would be interested in going for a walk today.  The answer is yes!  Guess I am off to a good start.  Typing all of this out helps.  It's a not so silent Sunday, I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Just keep making positive changes in your habits and the weight will come off. Remember, you didn't gain that weight over night, so you can't expect to lose it super quickly either. Slow and steady wins the race. You're doing great!

    1. Thanks Leigh! You are definitely right. Just got to keep telling myself that every day!

  2. I agree with Leigh. One change at a time, one meal at a time, one walk at a time. That's seriously all you need to do, and you'll get there!

  3. I adore that he wants to walk with you. Slow but steady wins the race. You do0 as well as you can each day and move forward. Not going backwards is progress right? You have a life people dream of (from time to time) just enjoy it. I would adore a child wanting breakfast and a walk with me... but - not to be. You are doing great.


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