Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good Day

Today was a good day (insert Ice Cube song here).

I had to travel to our state capital today.  Had some business to take care of for work.  I love my job because it gets me out on the road every so often.  That isn't always good on the food side, but today I was prepared.  Let me break it down for you....

One peanut butter breakfast bar - 4 points
Coffee w/creamer - 1 point

One everything bagel toasted w/3 tsp of whipped butter - 11 points
Coffee w/creamer - 1 point

6" Subway oven roasted chicken sandwich w/ pepper jack cheese and lite mayo - 11 points
30 oz. water

1 boneless skinless chicken thigh baked w/1 tsp of bread crumbs - 3 points
1 medium baked potato w/1 tbsp whipped butter - 7 points
1 cup vegetable tian - 0 points
2/3 cup of corn - 3 points
16 oz. black tea w/artificial sweetener - 0 points
1 tbsp olive oil - 4 points

Total Points - 50
Points Used - 45
Points Remaining - 5

I get 50 points because I am very overweight.  I am having trouble using them all up.  I had one point left over yesterday and I don't think I will be using these last 5 points.  I don't think I will be able to use any of my weeklies.

I am comfortable and not too full after dinner.  It's weird how much food I get to eat during a day.  Before last week, I ate out a lot.  That contributed to most of my weight problems.  I have found if I cook more at home, there is a lot more food you can have.  I love to cook and I should have taken pictures of the meal this evening.  It was pretty.

Well, that's all for tonight.  I am off to read about your day!  Have a good night!

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