Thursday, December 1, 2011

Logging Food

I guess part of the process would be to log my daily intake of food.  Wow, I am definitely putting it all out there.  Since I started off on the right path this morning, it won't look so gruesome.

Breakfast consisted of Quaker oatmeal and a tbsp of almond butter with roasted flax seeds.  I also drank half a bottle of water.  I had to choke it down considering my usual breakfast came from Starbucks and wasn't the "skinny" version.  I do the like the almond butter with the roasted flax seeds.  Gave the oatmeal a bit of saltiness that was different on my palate.

Well, it's off to work soon.  I am sure once I start losing a few pounds, I should start the exercise part.  I think I am going to visit a few other weight loss blogs to see what the experts are doing.

I'll catch up later today.  Bye World!

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  1. Hi! I'm just starting to read your blog...Tracking food is so great! It helps a lot! If you have a smart phone there are some really helpful apps. I like MyFitnessPal. I know there are a bunch though, or get a little notebook to take with you and write the things down. Since I work at home and have my computer with me at all times I just use a sticky note on my desktop til I log it all in. Good Luck!


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