Saturday, December 31, 2011

Losing Weight Is Not A New Year's Resolution, It's A Life Change

It has come to make up my mind about resolutions for this upcoming year.  Resolutions usually don't stick around for me after the first two months, so this year I have decided to do a monthly check-in on those resolutions.

The hardest part is going to be picking them.  I don't think I am going to put down losing weight or getting healthy.  That should be a life change, so I am not going to use it.  I would like to try a 5K timed walk early this year and then a timed 1 mile run later in the year.  Reading more is another one.  I would love to accomplish reading the Top 100 classics in my lifetime.  That would be cool.  There are many lists of Top 100 out there, so I am going to work off of the Modern Library Board's List.  I have already read some of them and may reread a few.

I also want to get the process of building my new home under way.  I haven't even started.  The only thing I have done is bought and paid for the land.

Well, there's lots to think about today.  I will get my inspiration from all the blogs out there and have an official list posted tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe evening!


  1. I added a goal about trying 15 new vegetables/fruits, maybe that's something you could try? :)

  2. I always made resolutions regarding losing weigh. I never kept them. Those who do are to be commended. Happy New Year! :)


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