Monday, January 23, 2012


Just got home and my day is not even over with.  I still have to pick my kid up from music practice at 9 pm!

Dinner is in the oven, should be done in a few.  I made baked tilapia and roasted eggplant and asparagus.  I just finished a huge spinach salad with tomatoes, goat cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and a little bit of dressing.  It was yummy.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy!  Gotta drop the kid off at school, pick up the rental car, go weigh in, drop off some food at my aunt's house and then take the 3 hour trek out of town to a meeting.  The meeting will last about 2 hours and then I will make the 3 hour road trip back home and drop off the rental car.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it back by 6 pm.  Man, I hope so!

Okay, I am pooped!  I even typed this post fast!  No time for spellcheck!  Bye!!

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