Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have a weigh in this morning.  It's one day early, but I will be out of town later today and tomorrow and I would rather weigh in earlier than later.  I get anxiety about weighing in now.  The losses have been piddly and I don't know why.

I have been told I should get weighed in the morning because your body retains water throughout the day.  So I will weigh in at 9 am today, which is 3 more hours away.  I am not sure if I should eat or drink anything.  Do I wait until after I have weighed in?  Or should I just do what my regular routine calls for?

When I weigh in on Wednesdays, I can go super early because the WW place is open early on that day.  I usually eat breakfast right after, around 8:30.  Today it's not until 9, so I don't know what to do.

This is crazy, right?  Ugh!  I hate WI day!!!


  1. I'm weighing in this morning too -- really at lunch time. Even after all these years, I still go through the same silly thought processes. I know I'm okay on my weight this morning and I'm trying to decide if I want to have oatmeal or yogurt. I'm thinking "Which one weighs less?"

    I always wear the same clothes which I call my WW uniform. I'm glad I only have to weigh in once a month to keep my lifetime status.

    You might establish a routine for weigh ins such as: On those days, have the same breakfast. Most of us will definitely weigh more as the day goes on. I remember weighing the morning of my meeting and being so happy that I'd made my 10%. Problem was that I went to a 6:00 PM meeting. When I weighed in, I was up 7 pounds from the morning. I did not eat that salty, cheesy soup again on weight in day. :)

    1. Thanks for the advice! I decided on a cup of coffee. Figured a little liquid wouldn't be too bad, especially since I will get a bathroom break before weighing in.

      I don't know why I am like this! It's so weird. I want to lose weight so badly.

  2. I weigh in every monday morning, first thing. After I've been to the loo, and without clothes. With that, I feel like I'm consistent enough to rule out some of the fluctuations. :)

  3. Hey, One thank you for the suggestions you made on my blog for NY eve dinner. I am a beets girl!

    I hope all went well on the weigh in. I see you decided on coffee. Good idea. Crazy that it makes us so crazy, but it is a good reality check. I like Caron's idea of having a "uniform" that way you know all is basically as equal as you can get it every time you weigh and there are no internal voices making excuses.


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