Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nutty Bread, Nutty Me

I am addicted to the Earth Grains 12 grain bread.  It's so nutty and I love the texture and taste.  It's also 3 points a slice and I have had 4 slices today.  Ugh!  Two for breakfast and two with dinner.  I won't be buying it again because I am a bread lover and this bread is like sweets to a sweet tooth!  So, no more for me!

I walked 4 laps around the high school track today.  I think that is a mile.  It earned me 3 activity points, so that was good.  It was a nice day with a bit of wind, but I am glad I got out and walked.

I need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow (purchase new bread) as I am running low on fresh fruits and vegetables.  This week we had fresh steamed broccoli one night and roasted cauliflower and tomatoes tonight.  I love the taste of cooked fresh veg compared to canned or frozen.  I am planning on buying a new fruit or vegetable tomorrow so I can knock out one item from my 2012 goal to eat 10 new fruits of veggies.  I might try a leek or a squash.  Any suggestions out there?

I also finally got my first book from Barnes and Noble yesterday.  I purchased the Age of Innocence and read two chapters today.  I really like it so far.  The big words that most writers don't use anymore are what I love most.  The long sentences used to describe the simplest of things.  Love it!!!  I plan to have the book read by Valentine's Day so I can start another one.  I won't be doing a book report or anything like that, so if you want to know anything, just ask, or you can read it yourself!  I am pretty sure you can get it online for dirt cheap, but I am traditional when it comes to books.  I will only get hardback unless it's extinct.  lol....  Yes, another validation for my nuttiness.

I am off to finish reading blogs, so hope you all had a fantastic Saturday!


  1. I tagged you in this post!

  2. I love the 12 grain bread or any really good, dense bread that I can toast and eat with peanut butter. I haven't bought any in at least a year because I can't quit eating it either. I'll tell myself that "this time" I'll just have a slice at breakfast. I'm a carboholic it seems.

  3. I buy a wholewheat bread at the store.. I used to bake but I guess I got lazy :p

  4. Leeks are ok....I have to use them in something, I could never eat a lot of them. Squashes are yummy...what about spaghetti squash?


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